Free Nutrition Cooking Classes

Sign up for our Free Nutrition Cooking Classes today!  They are FUN and informative, and you will cook in each class and take home the leftovers! Are you tired of figuring out what to feed your family?  Are you spending too much money on fast food?  Do your kids hate to eat vegetables? Is your […]

Have a great pregnancy!

Wondering how to have a great pregnancy? We have FREE classes that will guide you each step of the way during those long months of pregnancy! Learn about Prenatal Care, Eating for Two, How Your Baby is Growing, What’s Safe and What Isn’t!Get ready for your baby before he/she arrives in this world with classes […]

Keep Your Baby Safe!

Keeping your baby safe involves many things – some are obvious (car seats) and some are not (poison control). Do you know how to keep your baby safe at home? We have classes on Safe Sleep Environment, Car Seat Safety, Baby Proofing Your Home, and much more! Call us at 417-272-5210 or go to the […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday. PLL will be closed on November 25 and 26th for the holiday.

Nutrition and Cooking

If learning how to make quick and healthy meals sounds interesting to you, right now we have Nutrition and Cooking classes every week. These are hands on classes where we show simple cooking techniques, get easy recipes and cook in every class. Our Taco Scramble has by far been the class favorite! Classes are held […]