Considering Abortion?

Many women feel like abortion is their best and only option during a mistimed pregnancy. Abortion seems to offer control to a woman during a time when she feels like she has none. And—let’s just face it—being thrown into the unknown can be a scary place. However, how does it feel like you have control of a situation when you feel like there are no choices at all?

Our woman-centered approach to unplanned pregnancy helps clear the clutter, giving peace of mind and confidence when it’s needed most.

Being scared and full of anxiety is a natural and normal response to any challenging situation, but it can interfere with focus and ability to make a clear, confident decision. We want to help give clarity by informing and empowering women.

Here’s what we offer:

  • A safe place to confirm pregnancy with a licensed medical professional
  • Consultation with experienced staff who provide abortion education and answer questions or concerns women may have involving pregnancy, all the options, sex and STD’s.
  • Support while establishing a plan of action and next steps in the process.
  • Community resources, info and referrals.
  • All Services—No Charge. Confidential. Pressure-free. Without Judgment.

There is a confident strength in making an educated decision.

If you are considering an abortion, it is important to know all you can about the methods, procedures, questions to ask, etc. As with any medical or surgical procedure—or any big and tough decision—there is no such thing as T.M.I.

We are pro-woman here. Our goal is to see women walking out of our center with a feeling of strength, control and confidence as they navigate their way towards the best decision for their lives.

We do what we do because—WOMEN MATTER!

Eliminate anxiety & insecurity about a pregnancy decision—Call TODAY!

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